you tanked high on 07 Rs Gold

Produce your own . you tanked high on  07 Rs Gold Christmas dinner, as this Winter Weekend’s a creature. Tool up and face down several of RuneScape’s biggest foes for rich rewards in the Slayer and Boss Weekend.

Experience the following combat-focused boosts between 12:00 GMT on 26th December and T on 29th December:

Double slayer points for normal and social slayer assignments
Double drops in the Giant Mole

Double probability of rare drops that has been enhanced ring of wealth effect
Base Slayer experience increased 50%

The Kalphite King, Giant Mole, Rise on the Six and Vorago drop tables will yield better loot
All charm drops grant another charm than normal
You will have a few days left to take pleasure from December’s Player-Owned Ports benefits, too:

All Ports voyages return 30% extra trade goods or resources
25 voyages daily rather than 15
Donate a Bond to Oxfam and you will unlock the Oxfam Festive Aura bauble – something that will reset the XP-giving Festive Aura once per weekend day, doubling its benefits.

Be aware that Ironman and Hardcore Ironman players cannot gain from the above.
Fight hard, claim your justly earned spoils, and also    have a very happy new year. Help you in 2015!