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Good news share with you Cheap Fut 16 Points¬†with 3% coins code:fifa003 . For years EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has been the undisputed king associated with football game – they are the FC Barcelona associated with football games.

FIFA 16 like all its predecessors is a wonderful game fun, exciting, methodical and life-like. Though it is the tad slower than FIFA 15, it gives you far more time to think as opposed to quickly pass off the ball and score objectives. Attention to detail happens to be a hallmark of FIFA games and the latest version is not any different. Player attributes like toughness give your defenders a lot more scope against tricky along with fast players. For instance, Per Mertesacker can actually manage against someone like Lionel Messi and in some cases outpace him! Defenders, somehow were always less competent than attackers in FIFA but which has been remedied in FIFA sixteen. Unlike earlier versions, where you could quickly race off towards other end and score a mission, FIFA 16 lays more focus on possession. You can’t just sprint across defenders but ought to wisely use the ball and control your velocity. It certainly is a bit more tactically enhanced game for you to play.

EA has always done well with the presentation and this game is not any different. The accurate kits, looks of players, excellent animation make it a great game to play. The sound effects are immaculate – the participants yelling, crowd roars, fan reactions to what’s happening within the pitch – give a very real feel to the complete FIFA experience.

Buy Cheap FIFA 16 Coins for PC, PS, XBOX, Android and IOS in www.fifa16sale.com

Buy Cheap FIFA 16 Coins for PC, PS, XBOX, Android and IOS in www.fifa16sale.com

FIFA 16 retains every one of the gaming modes of its predecessors and my much-loved Ultimate Team mode gets better. The idea of creating your personal team, handpicking players, earn rewards and gain trophies remains as convincing as ever. A welcome addition for the game is the introduction of women’s teams. However, you can only enjoy as national teams within the women’s football and the particular contrast between men’s basketball and women’s football can be substantial. Women’s football – much like in real life will be less physical than that in their male counterparts.

Sports games should make fifa 16 coins gamers work hard and in actual fact make you think and become you’re in the sport. FIFA 16 does that immaculately and great to see Konami up their game too. For the first occasion perhaps gamers have a pair of excellent football games to pick from – the other becoming Konami’s PES 2016. However, just like in real world, Barcelona’s supremacy might be challenged for just a season or two, it’s the team you dream to beat and emulate.

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