World Cup European qualification competition groups allegedly sub file to sort out FIFA care

Within this FIFA 14 Coins¬†match day , the 2014 Brazil tournament European qualifying cluster match can all finish . In next month’s FIFA tournament date are desperate competition rivalry . FIFA has free a politician statement , a transparent statement in this competition sub-file program : eight groups are split into 2 tranches , per the Oct seventeen, 2013 in FIFA rankings, standings comparatively high four groups for that primary part , the opposite four groups with the second file. game from the team, can severally, from all of these 2 grade team .

Determined prior to sub-file FIFA ranking principle, which means that this four groups from the play-offs won’t become popular the field . Four encounter , possibly would be the strength of clear dialogue as an alternative to confrontation between the powerful . FIFA declared the lottery principle , can establish it is likely that the planet Cup football game powers gathered becomes comparatively massive.

So however does one confirm to participate within the eight competition groups ? Cheap FIFA 13 Cions¬†had already given rules . the eu Cup qualifier in one payemnt nine teams , and a few 5 groups , the other eight teams were six groups. nine the cluster can qualify directly , the best performance with the second cluster can take part in eight competition . caused by could possibly bunch that solely 5 groups, thus another eight groups score inside the calculation on the second cluster , it will be dominated out while using the cluster ‘s 2 bottom groups . inside the case of any similar play sessions , 9 second cluster then followed per points, goal distinction , goals , away goals count sleek and truthful play rankings to see the play-offs in the eight groups.