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Although the EA Sports “Fifa 16 Coins ” reviews within the media lost to Konami’s “Pro Advancement Soccer 2016″, but still a many loyal players addicted are unable to extricate themselves. And when the AI participants or against, we all love to demonstrate off admission fluency abilities. But we may not know, C Ronaldo also make use of “Rabona” so cool action-kick in it!

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fifa coins for sale from www.fifa16sale.com

Action sports game contains all sorts of eggs, can also be applied free kick Rabona action (that’s, the heel knock the ball disseminate from behind the action, which touches the helping leg foot cross for the other side of the ball is referred to as “Rabona”. ), but only C Ronaldo are capable of doing this trick.

Fortunately, EA Sports uploaded this instructional videos to explain to you how to achieve this action, can only be in the range free kick photo, when to work, but only C Ronaldo. And usually shot distinct key, the left joystick towards the right press X, and PS players click box.

Achieve Rabona, players must use his or her common feet, close to the golf ball, the other foot circumference behind. This action does not stir up in the school recreation space, more used in the actual professional game.

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