We have mentioned that the World of Warcraft

In previous articles, we have mentioned that the World of Warcraft designer leader Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that they have no intention of flying mounts in the Warlords of Draenor in the future. Since the WoW second expansion, Burning Crusade, players have been able to obtain flying mounts—usually after seeing much of each expansion’s new content on foot and hitting the new level cap. Now, most players Cheap Wow gold are talking about the this heated topic – flying, and looking for the best site to buy WoW items to make their characters stronger except for flying!
Despite the fact that Blizzard plans to make automated, taxi-like flights between major locations as convenient and plentiful as possible, players have not exactly given the change a resounding “wow gold” of approval. Flight, after all, is something they fifawfl202 have in other areas, and many of them have spent heaps of WoW gold on rare flying mounts.

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Some have even envisioned ways to make flying work better in WoW, but the truth is the currently flying mounts will not come back in the upcoming expansion. Not everyone hates the idea of sprightly dancing their way across WoW’s endless vistas. Besides, buying Challenge mode Gold is also a safe and easy way to help you accomplish missions.

Some players, however, will tell you that flying is only a drop in a near-bottomless bucket of grievances, and this explosion of general anger at Blizzard seems to suggest as much. Flying, in some ways, seems like a focal point for diffuse rage against the most recent expansion, a lightning rod smack dab in the center of a brewing storm. People are upset about other “removed” features, raids, and—perhaps most of all—Blizzard themselves.

Blizzard responses so far have been piecemeal at best. They more or less reiterated their previous statement on the subject in a forum post, adding that, “We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to weigh in on this topic. You’ve provided some great insight and feedback, and we ask that you please be respectful of one another as you continue to discuss your thoughts and experiences.” Blizzard will also be doing a fan Q&A about flying on June 6th, nearly two weeks from now. You can also choose challenge mode for sale here!

So as a loyal World of Warcraft player, what do you think about the flying? Will you feel that it discourage your from exploring and finding surprises? Participate in the discussion on June, 6th, and give your idea! Anyway, we believe that most players will continue loving the game and completing the tough tasks although their characters may not flying in future. In addition to the latest information about the game, WoW gears with reasonable prices are also worth your attention!