We didn’t realise your relationship with Sky

We it is known as a ‘technology partnership’. Through the Premier League we help pretty much the many clubs in England and broadcasters like Sky. We actually assembled the application tools to further improve their Fifa 14 Coins. We did something with the action replay tool that Gary Neville uses… that is the FIFA game. We actually developed that tool on their behalf, but no money exchanged hands.

For your clubs… when folks are playing our FIFA game, we all know where they’re around the world and that we know their favourite team. So you can easily say to Manchester City by way of example, ‘here’s a spread of this fans all over the world’ then they normally use that in their marketing campaigns.

We also use a lot of our game assets and make videos for many of the clubs. We’ve only been repeating this for just two years now but all of the clubs use a wide range of interest. Manchester City use our game to be a training tool for his or her youth team. Ole Gunnar Suskiar moved on record as stating that he prepares for his matches by employing FIFA, since the database is indeed accurate anf the husband then knows which players to take into consideration.

I do think once we go ahead to the next generation of consoles our game will likely be more intelligent and accurate, hence the use that teams worldwide may have with the game are going to be a lot more than gameplay, including practice and education.