Transmogrification has proven itself being WoW Gold

Transmogrification has proven itself being  WoW Gold hugely popular, and is clearly maturing all the time. When you’ve been playing an activity for more than 10 years, pack-space is definitely likely to be a challenge. Since Transmogging wasn’t introduced until Cataclysm, that’s six years of people being made to believe there is no point into holding onto items, regardless how cool-looking, simply because were useless as soon as you replaced them.

There were a ton of improvements with this expansion, regarding inventory space, but until something is done about transmog-clutter, pack-space will still only stay an issue. Whatever propose probably will sound complicated in the beginning, but is really quite simple to understand.

Replace “Void Storage” entirely. Give everyone a considerable forewarning, and when you need to, mail characters any items left within their void storage. In their place, start a window similar to the “Achievements” window, with some other categories around the left side. Inside center, place a list of item-graphics being previewed in your character (MogIt users know the drill here).

WoW Gold

WoW Gold

Now, so that you can “unlock” new items for the Armory, you need to “deposit” said item, which effectively destroys it. Doing this, however, unlocks that item’s appearance for those characters across all of your account, provided they meet Class and/or Item-type requirements, where applicable. Similarly, you could put away “Sets”, to easily change your favorite Transmog-set, or maybe quickly make out the gaps when replacing pieces of armor.