Transcript of letter from producer to personal accommodation

Square Enix released a transcript on the letter LIVE producers along with the demo video shown there towards the property system, one more Final Fantasy XIV Gil with the patch 2.1: A Realm Reborn appears .

Square Enix held on 19 9th October 2013 Producers letter LIVE. The live broadcast was focused on the upcoming patch 2.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ( FFXIV : ARR ) plus the property system. The gamers were permitted to advance and over the show need to questions about the accommodations which may have answered the producer Naoki Yoshida and his awesome team . The state forum a transcript from producer letter LIVE is available . In addition to that Square Enix published around the developer blog a demo video with the housing system inside a Realm Reborn .

Every single child get hold of a land and house , you have to ascend on the free society. Just how much you must pay for that land and house , as of yet, isn’t yet known . Even so the prices is definitely the same on all servers. Square Enix notes: ” The land with the houses will start a bidding system and relatively expensive , and are cheaper eventually. ” Ongoing costs for example rent or taxes will not be levied after purchase. The property – way areas are instantiated can accommodate 30 houses .

Also you can decorate the property high are furniture pieces that may be fix interior and exterior the house . The artisans makes a terrific contribution , because Square Enix steals to 85 percent with the accommodation system of things exist , the spot that the artisans and collectors courses are also included . When you have built a property , you may not eliminate it later . Expected using the patch 2.2 coming solutions to subsequently implement the house and change it. While using following patch more news for the housing are planned as individual rooms , bulletin boards , and leave messages or even the creation of garden areas . And a teleport function , ie a aetheryte in your house, and furniture provide space for storage shall no longer be in a position to patch 2.1. A chocobo stables is planned for patch 2.3.

Further precisely the accommodation and planned features in patch 2.1 and beyond, you can view the questions and answers from the forum. The event team has recently triggered the Tokyo Giveaway 2013 trailer before a housing , which provided a view from the interior and outside of homes. From the new video we could consider the style on the building facade along with the garden. The brand new video is 8:45 minutes long.