Top Five Scariest Places Within Old School RuneScape

Halloween gets really close and as well because having frighteningly low priced OPERATING SYSTEM Old School Runescape Gold we additionally wanted to have a little enjoyable in the  place of work and as a result, we have pulled jointly what we feel are the scariest places in Old School Runescape!

Top Five Scariest Places Throughout Old School RuneScape

5. Misthalin Mystery

Ok so we are generally staying with a weird 1, but this place will not actually have a name to ensure that is why we have just used name of the quest. This can be a murder mystery that is dress a creepy as terrible island with an old palacio and the fact there is no tunes makes it very creepy as well as sinister.

4. Camp Sky-blue Lagoon

This is a brand new one out of OSRS, but we have experienced so much fun with it, we had to place it on this list. All of us love what Jagex has been doing here as the whole location and event is obviously a nod to the Fri The 13th Movies and that we think that is awesome.

V1UGL(TY@A0M(LI~C]YG)@L3. Tolna’s Rift

Tolna’s Rift is extremely well known in the OSRS internet streaming community as it has a good amount of jump scares which is quite unusual in Old School Runescape. The fact the Rift is manufactured because of the emotions of a young man who fell into it helps it be even more creepy.

2 . Mort’ Ton

Mort’ Ton is an extremely creepy town it is such as something out of a scary movie and due to a problem the whole village is full of the actual dead and it is just a major problem to be!

1 . Zul-Andra

Zul-Andra by far has the darkest backstory of any place in Old School Runescape. This is a place where a new mother sacrificed her son to ensure she could live! In addition, human sacrifice still comes about here to this day, oh plus the people of this area praise a sea serpent…. Messed up goods indeed!

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