to solve this issue has to be some changes

In early stages of testing server test, we attempt to to resolve the situation of weave fog is mana. As compared with other treatment, weave fog don’t need to accumulate lots of spirit. We worry about is: to solve this issue has to be some changes, this inevitably manufacturing players should try to learn the effort; So we finally thought i would maintain the status quo, the spirit in the woven fog is in comparison with other treatment properties is less, so their affiliated properties is likewise more). For the fashion, we redesigned the his master again, so to enhance the wind fire lightning skill.

Monk several talent too weak, or tough to use. We strengthened the actual spirit of wine, zen bead penetration point, force, and also the gold and medicine. Snow anger will supply a pet control bar for convenient operation; Truth qi blowout will no longer need any target; Towards ring from the visual effect is enhanced, to ensure players clearly start to see the influence scope, making it changes towards data. We missed jasper blast approach to resolve the issue, and also the true qi burst too similar. So we’ll be redesigned for god crane the alternative skills play terms.

A lot of the core changes around is sacred. We felt that people trigger light treatment, using the eternal fire damage absorption way is provided for the entire team has become too readily, which doesn’t meet our expectations in the paladin treatment style. Only if section of the paladin choice with persistent spell, which means tree provides players while using diversity of style. But when it really is using continuous every paladin spells, so the paladin play obviously is simplified.

We don’t want to placed the fire being a core skills in the everlasting. And restore the druids, weave the fog, and a degree of holy priest is unique, we don’t think the paladin should make use of a great deal of continuous treatment skill. The only changes we made is the eternal fire periodic damage absorption treatment won’t trigger the glory. Players can continue to apply it as a continuous treatment skills to utilize, on the other guitar treatment effect to include a layer of buff, but it really can no longer carry on and provide effective damage absorption for a long time for multiple units. We are holy shield and selfless cure has produced significant changes will be introduced below the (), since prior to buy wow gold.