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Fifa 17 Coins Account President from perez said before, during the World Mug in 2018, he was not worried about Russia’s football hooligans, because of all that gilardino also pointed out that the 2026 World Cup will always make 2 to 4 countries to undertake. After became chairman regarding FIFA, because every perez ready to implement a series of reform measures, including the 2026 FIFA World Cup teams are going to be expanded to 48, although will involve many countries in the world Cup, but for all which gilardino reform also has many resistance, he is a lots of controversy.

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The Liverpool manager claimed Mr. Klopp, buildup can ruin a world Cup, bayern chairman karl-heinz rummenigge likewise think military is absurdity. More oddly, began in the 2026 Entire world Cup on penalties may be changed to “single-pole ball and penalty”. From cupertino this began a new round of STH over and over again, he said the 2026 World Cup may consider to 2 to be able to 4 countries jointly sorted, “we have two in order to four countries 3-5 stadium to joint of any World Cup, this is in line with the sustainable development point associated with Fifa Points view, the venues can be taken.

In the history with the World Cup, however, only the experience of the joint undertaking, it was the 2002 World Cup, to undertake jointly by means of South Korea and Japan in those days. During euro 2016, Russia and England lovers clashed in marseille, the incident, many Russian football hooligans gumption.

Two years after the entire world Cup will be placed in Russia, broadcast on the BBC written, the Russian football hooligans, said the World Cup in your house to England fans “good”, it seems, to prevent violence is often a major challenge to FIFA and the Russian authorities. But because of who he looks usually do not worry, he said, “I don’t fear the difficulty, I have confidence in the Russian authorities. “

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