The P2W Debate Within Albion Online

We have experienced a lot of people coming to us to buy Albion Silver and another of the rumblings that we heard from the community is in respect to if Albion On the internet is pay 2 succeed. Now of course pretty much every MMO offers this P2W stigma, however we wanted to give our ideas on the whole debate about in case Albion Online is P2W.

Now the most obvious thing to check out here are the things like high quality accounts and the founder’s packages that gave early adopters of the game a mind start. But you can counter this particular by saying that the things get in the founder packages do not really give you a massive head start and also if you would like, you can actually upgrade to high quality through in game foreign currency as silver can be very easily converted into gold.

While many gamers will obtain their Albion Gold by exchanging the actual Silver they earn within game. The fact is, you can nevertheless open your wallet and purchase Albion Online Gold along with real money. The difference here is it really does have an impact on the video game as all of the gear that this Gold is spent on is actually bought from other players. The gamer driven economy of Albion Online is fantastic, however it is possible if a person experienced enough money they could do some lasting damage to this.

So is Albion On the internet P2W? Well in some cases we might have to say yes, but for be fair this is the benefits of most MMORPG’s. We perform feel that as the ability to obtain Albion Gold is easily accessible in game, it is a little much less P2W than some other video games we have played.