The holidays are in danger, mainly because in the new RuneScape venture Santa Claus is missing

Often the festive season in RuneScape has barely begun and is particularly already in danger again! The squad have to go in search of Santa Claus inside new mini-adventure, The G-Nom Project ‘, because she has disappeared again! giftsMost recently, having been seen trying to turn a new clockwork gnome into a authentic boy, and now continues situation that started in November if players had to find timepiece parts for the toy. In the event players manage to find The bearded man and save Christmas, they will be rewarded with some fiery incentives.

RuneScape also returns into the ‘festive aura’ until Economy is shown 8th, providing a 50% EP boost and a icy beautiful ornamental effect. The advancement calendar in the game is also at its peak, so players should signing in daily to pick up their gift idea every day until December twenty fifth.

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