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We’re still months faraway from an official Cheap FIFA 17 Coins release but already activities stars are leaking key information about the new game through EA Sports.

In this case, it’s revealed a completely new team being added towards the already bulging roster of 650 existing squads for sale in the game.

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The unlikely source with this new info is Norwegian international midfielder Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg.

And she revealed this on Instagram when she shared images of herself being scanned by way of hi-tech camera crew.

Effectively, Hegerberg’s post confirms the 10th ranked women’s nation’s team of Norway is coming to FIFA 17.

We can say that will with some confidence, not just because with the Norwegian flag in Hegerberg’s publish, but also because the probability of FIFA suddenly including a large selection of women’s little league teams seems slim in order to none.

In all likelihood EA fifa 16 coins Sports are expanding within the pre-existing 12 ladies squads which were included last year, such as England, Germany and USA.

This isn’t the first football star to talk about a image of themselves being scanned before FIFA 17.

Adrian of West Pork and Loic Remy associated with Chelsea have both shared pictures of themselves lately.

But forgetting about the actual Premier League stars for starters moment, it’s certainly good to view EA Sports building on the commitment to support ladies teams with every era.