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The 15/16 season with la liga 36 wheel can be a focal point campaign. At the villa marin arena, defending champion Barcelona’s 2-0 success over real betis, continue in the same point count on mutual exchanges between pressure atletico Madrid state of the art force. Kitty’s and suarez scored a goal each, messi two assists, the home team opponent westman was sent off.

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In league history, a total of both the sides met 99 times, Barcelona 59-20 level 20, the goal for any 223-107. On the road next to betis, Barcelona’s record of 20-13-15 bad, goal for a 79-60. In the first match on the season, Barcelona 4-0 victory at betis. Barcelona 1 rotation, alves replace arruda commencing line-up. Sandro, vermaelen and mathieu harmed truce, Douglas, adriano and full hundred list out caused by technical reasons.

50 minutes messi route pass, ze barb clearance stop empty, Dan attack by trembling the ball, pull small Kitty’s punishment area the ball into a clear net. Leading 1-0, Barcelona away! 81 minutes messi middle direct passing, suarez penalty area route right foot single-pole conclude scoring. 2-0, Barcelona to expand benefits, MSN trident scored 123 goals there is much surprise than last season. Barcelona with turan in addition to root straw for Kitty’s bravo in addition to final 2-0 tallied betis in front of Barcelona.