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One of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of French football, Fabien Barthez appeared at three FIFA Apple Cup? competitions, appropriation the Fifa 18 Coins XBOX ONE Bays in 1998 and extensive the Final afresh in 2006. In all, he fabricated 17 appearances at the bigger clash of them all, a French record, befitting no beneath than ten apple-pie bedding in the process.



Born in 1971, Barthez fabricated the Bleus No1 jersey his in the lead-up to France 1998, acceptance which had arise a little backward for a amateur who had starred for several seasons with Marseille and afresh Monaco but activate himself just abaft Bernard Lama in the pecking order.

Barthez fabricated his mark at his actual aboriginal Apple Cup, basal an important allotment of a appalling defence that gave abroad just two goals en avenue to acceptable apple champions. A UEFA EURO 2000 winner, he was on assignment if Les Bleus comatose out in the accumulation appearance at Korea/Japan 2002. The babysitter helped them animation aback four years later, as they went all the way to the Final at Germany 2006, area they absent on penalties to Italy. The 87th cap of Barthez’s career was his last, as he arise his retirement from all-embracing football.

Flamboyant, amorous and never abashed to yield a accident or two with the brawl at his feet, Barthez was one of the finest goalkeepers of his era.

In adverse down a appalling Brazil advance in the Final at France 1998 and acceptable all his duels adjoin Sele??o spearhead Ronaldo, Barthez kept accession apple-pie area to cap a clash in which he conceded just two goals in seven matches: adjoin Denmark from the atom in the accumulation appearance and adjoin Croatia in the semi-final.

The alone apple-pie area he kept at Korea/Japan 2002 was in the aimless draw adjoin Uruguay, which came in amid a 1-0 defeat to Senegal and a 2-0 accident to the Danes, as the arresting champions fell at the aboriginal hurdle. Barthez went best in four matches at Germany 2006: in a 0-0 draw with Switzerland, a 2-0 defeat of Togo and 1-0 wins over Brazil and Portugal. He was about eclipsed at the clash by Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon, who kept 5 apple-pie bedding and went on to lift the Trophy.

“Ah no, not at all. What are ten matches anyway?” he replied with accepted accord if asked by if he was acquainted of the acumen for the interview. “It’s something that never beyond my mind. I never absolved out on to the bend with the ambition of assault records. But if it came to not acceptance a goal, well, that was my aim every Sunday .

“It’s usually the goalkeeper who gets all the acclaim for annal like that, but I anticipate it’s all down to the aggregation if you don’t concede. It’s like if a striker array – there’s a accomplished lot of plan that goes into it. I consistently like to accomplish that point.”

“The midfield was actual solid too video games, and we aswell had Stephane Guivarc’h, who did an amazing job up front. The experts knew just what he brought to the team, but anybody was not in fact so aware. He ran his socks off for the team. He harried opposing defences the accomplished time and fabricated it harder for them to play the brawl aback out. That’s why he lacked accurateness whenever affairs came his way. But at the end of the day, it was aswell down to him that we won.

“There was the quarter-final adjoin Italy, which was appealing boxy and which went to penalties. My save from Albertini wasn’t such a big deal, because to my apperception a amends adored by the babysitter is a abominably taken penalty.

“In the Final there was that acclaimed adventure with Ronaldo, which was the axis point of the match. Connected assurance like that are the hardest affair for a babysitter to accord with. It’s a burning thing, one way or the other. If I hadn’t arise out, he’d accept been through on goal, and if I’d arise out too late, I could accept fabricated a huge mistake. I accept a huge bulk of annual for Ronaldo and I did all I could not to aching him.”