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This week’s update is here now and we’ve got several Abyssal changes. The bludgeon is finding a buff to the special attack in addition to Scions and Orphans getting a graphical upgrade. We’ve also got duel market win and loss following and an updated survey abuse interface!

The Abyssal Bludgeon has become buffed to Cheap runescape 2007 gold deal additional damage per missing prayer point using the special attack. For each prayer point you happen to be missing the special attack will now deal 0. 5% more damage instead of 0. 3%. This will make sure you’re getting a bit more deal when you decide to help risk your prayer staying low.

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You can now observe how many wins and losses you’ve had with the Duel Arena! Check the scoreboards identified around the arena and you will be shown your wins and losses towards the top. You will also be shown a note in the chat box if a duel ends showing your own total wins and loss. This message is filtered and will be hidden.

Both the Abyssal Scion as well as Abyssal Orphan has received graphical upgrades. It will now be less of a challenge to distinguish between Abyssal Spawns and Abyssal Scions throughout the fight against the Sire. Those of you fortunate enough to get your hands on an Orphan will also realize that it now resembles a fully fledged Abyssal Scion.

We’ve updated the Document Abuse menu, adding some options that have been not previously offered within OSRS, such as ‘Offensive Name’ and also rewording others for consistency with Jagex’s other goods fifa16salegame.

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