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Hugo Sanchez believes Cristiano Ronaldo has outranked himself, Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Raul et al and become the greatest goalscorer in Absolute Madrid’s history. The 31-year-old Portuguese forward, who is advancing with Antoine Griezmann and Lionel Messi for The Best Fifa 17 Points Men’s Abecedarian 2016 award, is the club’s best able marksman, with a amazing 380 goals in abandoned 367 games.

“That’s a complicated one,” said Sanchez if asked by Marca who is Madrid’s best-ever goalscorer. “You would acquire to amend up the time that commemoration one spent at the club. For example, I am not the able goalscorer in Mexico’s history, but that is because I didn’t play as abounding games, as I was based in Europe.

“But I see the best as Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Raul, Ronaldo. Santillana was never a top goalscorer, but he asperous a lot of times. Like Zamorano did. It is authentic that afterwards Cristiano has arise alternating and he has surpassed all of us. He will acquire scoring and become the ablaze bulk one.”

Sanchez aswell believes Ronaldo’s intelligence will ascribe him to acquire advancing for years to come.

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“Obviously accurate attributes diminish, but you get wiser and added automated applicable beyond the affray will end up,” explained the 58-year-old who was acclaimed for his acrobatic volleys. “And achievement is beyond intelligence comes into it, and Cristiano has this. In the area, not abandoned one abecedarian is traveling to mark him, but rather two or three, which is beyond it gets complicated. He will acquire scoring.”

The Best FIFA Men’s Abecedarian will be crowned at The Best FIFA Football Awards? celebration in Zurich on 9 January 2017.