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The WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt is wow gold

Ogrim Doomhammercast his baleful glare over the blackened landscape, and that he turned, fist raised for the blood-red sky, and called out to his WOW Gold :!
“Tonight, we dine on the entrails of our own enemies But first, lemme please take a
selfie. ”

I actually think film, with cutesy animated characters doing ridiculous violence-and
snapping photos of it all- is pretty amusing. But even when it may not be your unique
cup of comedy, the contest itself sounds World of Warcraft Gold For Salelike it might be fun. The principles are pretty straight forward: Chose the location indicating from the sample photo, create a picture of yourself inside the same situation (including, presumably, as being a half-second from getting clocked inside skull with the axe), after which it submit it.

More challenges, presumably by means of taking pictures of yourself in ever-more
ridiculous situations, will probably be issued weekly, with prizes of Blizzard gear,
Battle.net balance codes, and an iPhone available. The grand prize has to be trip for
just two to BlizzCon 2015, including round-trip airfare, three nights accommodation,
plus a set of two BlizzCon fifaw988 badges.

World of Warcraft Gold For Sale

World of Warcraft Gold For Sale

The WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt is underway now and runs until June 22. Details,
including a submission link and instructions on how to create a WoW selfie. BlizzCon 2015 runs from November on the Anaheim Convention.

More information:http://www.igxe.co/