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Now , there was clearly a RS player who recommended that Jagex should setup a secure PvP world, through which players could compete for resources by killing others in spite of level limit and die without losing any Cheap Runescape Gold  item.

It sounds cool and seems a rare chance for some players. However, it is possible to other players who think it is not reasonable. Any idea what concerning this? Would you expect this opportunity? Or maybe devote yourself to train skill?
Advantages of Safe PvP World

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There is no deficiency of supporters who agree and anticipate to build a real safe PvP world. On this planet, they are able to end up in fighting boss and do not concern yourself with item lost.

Wilderness resources will almost allways be very coveted, thus many players would choose to go to a server dependant on that. Besides, players will have the ability to address anyone, no matter combat level, and thus player with low level may also attach dangerous one. What’s more, players who love PVP but haven’t strong skill might also connect this safe world. It might be a superb place to train PvP. You are able to PK anywhere but nobody loses stuff.
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