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What / things we do considered the spam of Final Fantasy XIV

As same as the sport players, we have been also wrongly identified as the FF14 Gil spam ,plus the solutions is in urgent need in this moment. Regarding for the phenomenon ,we learned some opinions with this.

One of them said that, It is not harsh. Ignorance isn’t reason. People need to take responsibility with regards to own account security.

As an example, my mother carries a laptop having a massive amount her medical files thereon from the last 10 years. She has it password protected. The password to her laptop? My birth date. Anyone in the family could easily figure the password in two seconds, and certainly a person with a bruteforce application could crack it within a few minutes since the password is perhaps all numerical digits.

Meanwhile,one more believed that you may not use the in-game chat and message services to distribute advertisements.

Of course,there are a few those who find themselves not negative.Lucien Mcfly said, I personally dont think its that bad honestly, permit fools aim to pay for in game money, you aren’t obtain a security token. I just have to blacklist maybe 4 to five people daily, sometimes none and only way as soon as you join a FC or linkshell there’s no point to using yell as you can speak to your complete friends via those 2 options.

In a word, all of us have their own view on the difficulty,might know about really should do is heighten our vigilance all alone.

Reopening with the shadow of Bahamut in FFXIV

Inside the forum, the development team of Square Enix, the instance ‘Tangled The shadow of Bahamut 5′ confirmed again for players of Final Fantasy XIV Gil: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) allow it to become accessible.

The tortuous shadow of Bahamut make Square Enix for quite a while to make. Already within the last few letter of the producers , of which we wrote in regards to week ago, the instance was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a central theme. On account of errors, the developers had the dungeon ‘Tangled The cisco kid of Bahamut 5′ which is temporarily taken from the online role-playing game. Now, the c’s of breakthrough within this matter seems to have succeeded. The stumbling block, Square Enix persuaded to temporarily take away the dungeon was a bug that made ??a monster struggle to move. Only yesterday apologized to himself on forum first again to the long wait, had to consider the customers.

Today, however, appears already provides the necessary updated, so there may be finally a reason to breathe for your fans. This can be seen in today as opposed to emergency maintenance, that’s completed at 11.00 clock our time. Thus, the extent of downtime comes down to three hours.