Smarter teammates means fifa coins

Games are won and lost inside midfield – and in FIFA 16, the midfield matters. Two new gameplay innovations will give your midfield the control necessary to dominate a match.

Smarter teammates means a greater product on the pitch. New interception logic helps your AI players better anticipate passes and go on to banned options. This will affect both the attack and defense. Once your team was in Buy FIFA Comfort Trade having the ball, players will react faster and find space to produce passing opportunities. In defence, players help cover open spaces and check to head off being caught out of position.

fut 16 coins

fut 16 coins

Midfield play will modify the pace of your match and build a far more considered and authentic experience. Teams will fifawfl202 discover and appearance for taking advantage of open spaces, helping you to develop a strong attack through the
middle of the pitch.

Interception Intelligence could be adjusted in Player Instructions so that you can control how aggressive your players take the ball. Movie complete control of build-up play in midfield.

FIFA 16 introduces a different passing mechanic that will permit players to generate sharp, incisive passes that find teammates with precision. Employing a new button mechanic, ping driven ground passes to find teammates in tight spaces and pioneer your attacking options. Passing with Purpose balances Interception Intelligence to make a real football example of risk/reward when moving the ball.

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