Small events within RuneScape

Halloween 2017 has ended, but our site occasion is not over yet. Till the November 6th buy RuneScape Gold you can enjoy the five per cent discount. The following is a small action in this week.


Time:1st November -23: fifty nine game time on the sixth November


Please gather various supreme stars upon Treasure Hunter, double the actual Bonus XP of regular dropped stars.

20178.9 player Gawad obtain the RuneScape Beaver

If you want to obtain the beaver OSRS you must move the hard training Woodcutting. A person Gawad promised to release something special in Beaver on Reddit each day. He has been kept on performing long time. As a matter of fact, he has already been kept on doing this all the time, that draws much attention about Reddit, including J Mod. Now through his extended effort, he got RuneScape Beaver. Let us congratulate to this particular persistent player.

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