Say something about runescape game online

First, I say something about changing Colors in New Version. Once you enter the world, Change your character by typing the name of the color you plan to display. And them, followed by a colon. If you want to make your text in red, just type “red:”. You can also make it white, green, cyan and purple. These colors you used can only show up in the main game-play window, they always show up in blue in the chat area (unless you split chat).

At the same time, there are 7 different text effects that you can use in the world. You can make text wave up and down, scroll from right to left, flash quickly in 3 different ways, and glow slowly in 3 different ways.

To be more prominent your text, you can have combinations of colors and text effects in messages. Flashing and glowing text effects may also have a scroll or wave effect added to them.

Second, change Colors in Older Versions. Log into RuneScape. (If you buy runescape accounts at high level, it is unnecessary for you.) Next is the difference from the above code. For example, change your text to red by typing Rsgoldrich. Type your message after this code. Compare with the Rs 3 Gold , Do you know how to change the text color now? Hope you can stand out your text and get help quickly in the game. If every player is using effects, normal text may actually stand out more.