Samsung Launches Galaxy eleven and Fifa fourteen apps for the globe Cup

Through AN agreement with Electronic Arts, Samsung releases FIFA Coins AN exclusive version for the Galaxy line of the title Fifa, that is named Fifa fourteen Galaxy eleven.

The distinction during this game is that the player will vie with a brand new choice, the team Galaxy eleven, that has characters with high score standing. Whoever wins gets a “Gold Pack Rare”, that isn’t purchasable and permits the acquisition of latest and higher players for your own team.

To play the new game, simply look it au fait Google Play on a tool of the Galaxy line. it’s value noting that the initial version of buy FIFA 14 Coins has had over a pair of.2 million downloads within the Brazil.

In addition, Samsung’s product can gain distinctive options to the globe Cup, that starts on June twelve this year in Brazil. News are offered to the flat line of the corporate in 2014 soccer Panel platform through a partnership with ESPN and therefore the Score. However, the handsets oversubscribed by Samsung last year won’t qualify for this update by a hardware limitation, however the corporate offers AN application known as Get within the Game a pair of.0, that has similar functions to smarthpones and tablets.