Runescape : Update in the game

Runescape has discharged infomation concerning this week’s game update. The update this tiem around can apparently target fixing a number of the options that were recently additional to the sport. Often, new options go along with new bugs, and they are attempting to iron them out this week: This week’s update focuses entirely on fixing a number of the new options we’ve got additional to the sport recently. clearly we tend to attempt to keep our updates bug free, however rather like those pestering shrimp, a number of slip through net, therefore we’ve got been busy looking down a number of the additional obscure problems and correcting them. After all, up and fixing existing updates is simply as vital as emotional new Runescape Gold.

We’re additionally operating onerous on creating July a extremely spectacular month, packed with minigames, new spells and a few rather attention-grabbing quests. We’re positive you will not be thwarted.

Comes mentioned in June’s Behind the Scenes article however not however discharged (such because the production minigame and therefore the non-members’ security update) are delayed for alittle further Rs Gold, however worry not, as we’ll build them on the market next month instead. and that is additionally to all or any the things we tend to already had planned for July…