Runescape Treasure Hunter game for popular

Runescape Treasure Hunter game update! Karima returns earlier this week on Treasure Hunter, and continues to bless players with extra old school rs gold and bonus XP. So don’t miss the chance to win more golds and XP.

Any fallen stars or lamps used from Treasure Hunter chests between 00:00 UTC around the 9th of July and 23:59 UTC on the 13th of July offers you the opportunity of Karima the Genie appearing and granting you with a blessed wish.

If karima appears when utilizing a lamp or star, she is going to give you the choice between following blessings:The blessing of Freedom, choose this option to Cheap 2007 Runescape Gold get bonus XP within a skill of your choice.


07 rs gold

07 rs gold

The blessing of Fate, this blessing removes your option of choosing which skill has bonus XP, however, the bonus reward are going to be double the amount of as being the bonus given with all the Blessing of Free Will. Higher probability of blessing any skill below level 99.

The blessing of Fortune, choosing this blessing and karima will shower you with gold coins.Karima doesn’t loaf around forever though, so take benefit from her blessing before she disappears. You’ll have 5 minutes before she moves on to bless other players.

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