Runescape Shifting Tombs Ideas

As we all know, Menaphos is here and many of us could not be anymore excited. Well, a huge portion of this coming expansion is Changing Tombs, which is exactly what we would like to talk about today. But before we have to that, we have to tell you about the actual special deals and affordable prices we have on Runescape Precious metal right now, so go take a look.

Ok so Shifting Tombs! What this is, is a skilling mini game. What we really like about the sound of this is that it much more based on exploration than just fight and we think that is pretty awesome as many Runescape players had been looking forward to having a good browse around Menaphos and seeing exactly what secrets this place offers.

By pledging an commitment to a certain god, you are able to obtain experience in a number of different abilities. Agility, Thieving, Dungeoneering, as well as construction are the main 4 skills that you can choose from. However once you actually get into the actual tombs, you can also get encounter in a secondary category for example Runecrafting, Divination, Crafting, as well as Prayer. The core game play will revolve around working with some other players (although you can do this on your own) to do various quests where you have to do such things as open chests. It is well worth noting that you can choose to take loot and coins instead of XP. Also, Skilling Pets are usually obtainable here as well which usually we think is pretty cool.

From around five minutes, Moving Tombs is the kind of tiny game that you will be able to please have a lot of fun with and not use up too much of your time. We think that is a great way to really eliminate the whole Menaphos event. More guides is here, Associated with if you are low on Rs Gold right now, you have a look at our great deals and special deals that we have going on.