Runescape : Dwarf Quest Dev Journal half a pair of

The folks at Runescape have announce the second half in an exceedingly dev journal regarding developing the game’s new dwarf quest. Last time, I declared that i used to be simply beginning work on a brand new dwarf quest. All I had previously was a blank page that I required to fill with concepts.

Since then I’ve spent many days group action, bouncing concepts off alternative developers, and covering the wall next to my table with Post-It notes spoken communication things like “Rs 07 Gold” and “Red Axe base.” I’ve found it tougher to return up with a decent plan for this quest than I even have for any previous one, and that i wrote down many concepts before rejecting them as a result of they weren’t right. Finally, it clicked and that i had a story i used to be proud of.

My next step was to write down this concept up in an exceedingly ‘concept document’, that lays out the plot of the hunt in broad strokes. I showed this document to Mod Mark, RuneScape’s lead designer, for approval. There was no purpose in developing the thought till he reached a decision; if he did not find Rs 2007 Gold irresistible, it might be back to my blank page. It clothed  that he did find it irresistible, thus development may continue.