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“Being a person in Runescape since simply the start. Runescape Legacy is making me almost would like to play again. Almost.I dunno, Jagex. I haven’t been wow’d by Runescape like I’m in YEARS. I actually wanna keep coming back. But I don’t know how to justify purchasing members plainly just don’t feel that spark anymore.”cheap rs gold

” I’d love to start playing rs again, but it is all totally different where must i start? its been years”

” I left Runescape after trying eoc, but i’m awaiting legacy mode to take method for my return to make the jagex community taste runescape gold vengeance searching for old fans pour in!”

” Something is wrong the the Armadyl Godsword Style. It’s really suppose for being slash, defence, bash and crush or something?”

” it looks good i can not loose time waiting for legacy now my question will legacy also take away the combat triangle like meele is weak to magic and magic is weak to range and range is weak to meele or will that be in essence?”

“They modified Eoc to pre eoc again. But of cos not 100% change. J?gex managed to get almost same as pre eoc so that players will return.”

“Around that is good I have no aim of choosing a step backwards and ultizing it. I understand for many this is good since this is the combat system they liked and might not become accustomed to the modern one. This will make everybody happy at the least! But with that in mind I know there will be individuals who will just find something else to complain about.”

RuneScape devs have been hard at work refining the first area that new players face when entering the game. We managed to catch up with Lewis Macguire to talk about the big changes in the starter zone. Keep reading!

The trolls on Death Plateau had been massing their forces for an attack on the ‘stoo-ped hoo-mans’ to the south, with the trollish intentions of smashing all their homes, stealing all their stuff, and then eating them. RuneScape gold.The Imperial Guard have mounted a defensive effort, and have for the most part held back the trolls due to the strategic layout of the area, however, the trolls have become more sneaky and are mounting underground assaults from a cave system. Holding back this new Cheap runescape 2007 gold 

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 threat has left the resources in Burthorpe and Taverley stretched thin; people are starving, the army is ill-equipped, and the trolls’ attacks get more ferocious every day.The people need a hero. That’s where you join the action.

Rs gold has announced that Runescape Bonds is going to be introduced in the game so as to eliminate gold farmers runescape gold Jagex has taken an assertive stand against gold farming and it has removed over three trillion gold from your game.RuneScape gold. A lot more than fifaw988 of players buy gold in a different month, something Jagex feels is unacceptable. To combat that statistic, Bonds are incoming. Look at this informative video after which it reveal what you think.