Reopening from the shadow of Bahamut in FFXIV

In the forum, the ‘development’ team of Square Enix, the instance ‘Tangled The cisco kid of Bahamut 5′ confirmed again for players of Cheap FFXIV Gil: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) pass accessible.

The tortuous shadow of Bahamut make Square Enix for a while to create. Already over the last letter on the producers , which we wrote of a week ago, the instance was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a central theme. On account of errors, the developers had the dungeon ‘Tangled The shadow of Bahamut 5′ which is temporarily taken out of the online role-playing game. Now, they of breakthrough in this particular matter seems to be have succeeded. The obstacle, Square Enix persuaded to temporarily take away the dungeon would be a bug that made ??a monster not able to move. Only yesterday apologized to himself on forum first again to the long wait, had to take into account the customers.

Today, however, appears already gets the necessary updated, so there is certainly finally an excuse to breathe for the fans. This is often found in today rather than emergency maintenance, that is completed at 11.00 clock our time. Thus, the extent of downtime comes down to three hours.