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Orangemen flight training camping in Kunming Haigeng basic is Fifa 16 Coins getting carried out, in addition to standard tactical exercises, the Orangemen also target international organizations have conducted the company of learning the rules of the game. Chinese Football Association director Liu Hu cut commissioned recently found its way to Kunming, the players were fond of explain the new rules on an array of law enforcement FIFA referee.

In March, FIFA adopted the revised rules from the game penalty, which is a change: the players in the actual kick-off circle, when the ball without kickoff party to attack the direction of coming circle, the ball can kick-off in a direction.

Gao Lin in the last Super League games additionally intends to direct your ball to his teammates, but now the Chinese Football Association has not been performed FIFA fined the revolutionary regulations. In addition, the new rules also include “The players abuse referees, will be shown any straight red card and sent off a direct free kick penalty in the event such behavior occurs inside penalty area, the referee may merit a penalty, ” and so with.

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At the recent America’s Cup and European Glass, FIFA fined the series of new rules have already enabled. AFC made a positive a reaction to this, and to inform associates of the Association in the future in the next number of major events in the area to launch a fresh penalty regulations.

World Cup Asian zone scope in the new rules start in September this holiday season, including 12 finals, U-19 soccer team Yaqing Claime, U-16 men’s soccer Asian Cup less 2017 AFC Pot playoff, U-16 Women’s Asia less competition as well as other qualifiers. Because of the AFC Champions League this season, has entered the knockout stage, considerations of equity, the AFC next calendar year will adopt new laws, new regulations from your Super League next time of year.

Previously served as Purchase Cheap Fifa Coins PS referee administration in Canada, China Football Association referee Office Director Liu Hu, the new regulations is going to be fined timely translation in Chinese, he personally went to help Kunming, the players were tutored. Although the national football training time is incredibly limited, but in order to adapt to future changes in the most notable 12 race, national football coaching staff members still make time pertaining to special arrangements for internationals to master.