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Okay, it is just a lie, I can’t smoulder, and I’m not raging at all. However, I absolutely love that pic of Grommash Hellscream, it’s my wallaper at this time. Also, he looks vaguely… PIG-similar to that pic, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps they modeled him off a specific devilishly handsome porcine purveyor of wow gold? Hmmm? Delusions of grandeur, you say?

I really got the pic from the new Warlords of Draenor TV ads, they’re cool, but they’re just snipped from that mega-much-cooler minute long trailer which they created last month, so you should not trip over you to ultimately see ‘em. Honestly, often it seems like fans fawn over every little scrap Blizz throws our way. What’s that? Behind the curtain videos from the Lords of War specials? GIMME! GIMME! Lords of War was an incredible series (please keep giving us more), it’s the same super-cool that Blizzard’s giving the fans a peek behind the curtain so we can find out how they got made. Up to now we have two (wonderfully lengthy) videos. Click the pics below to get yo BTS on.

Other than that, what’s happening? Honestly not only a whole heck of a lot! Look, Warlords of Draenor launches in a few weeks, I know the dudes and dudettes at BlizzHQ hold their hands full, especially with 6.0.3 hitting before i write again (Lord knows we end up needing some bug fixes after 6.0.2)! Your, I bid ye fare well, but I’d be remiss plainly would not leastways mention the fact that you can now claim your own Horde Hog in Wow. ‘Tis a glorious day.