Old School at RuneFest

RuneFest has officially sold-out and for good reason. We’re featuring more Old School content than any other time. Not only that but we have quite possibly the main turnout of your favorite information creators, community figures in addition to Old School players attending the presentation! For those unable to attend face to face we will be streaming the whole of RuneFest as per the plan at the top of this page over at twitch. tv/runescape.

During the build up to be able to RuneFest we have Deadman Upper end kicking off. We’re putting up 15 of our best Deadman terme conseillé in two amazing upper end to battle it out throughout the 7 days; with daily update channels on the RuneScape Twitch station, it’s going to be crazy! More information concerning Deadman Mansions can be found in our own previous blog post.

Don’t forget the last hour of the the Deadman Autumn Invitational will conclude reside at RuneFest. We’ll become streaming the Final Hour are living from twitch. tv/runescape with 4pm UTC.

We’ve got almost all our Deadman Mansions terme conseillé playing on stage and also the event will be hosted through Mods Archie and Sween! Shoutcasting the Final Hour we now have PureSpam and Skiddler. More info can be found in the following blog post.

We are going to extremely excited for what innovations in Old School has to offer and cannot wait to hear your suggestions!

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