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Ronaldo and Messi, Messi and Ronaldo… Even a adolescent pro like Hernandez cannot abort to adore the adorning qualities of a brace of footballers who accept bedeviled the apple football scene. “They’re both geniuses,” he enthused. “That said, they accept altered qualities and play in altered positions.

“Cristiano is a amateur who can accomplishment with both anxiety and with his head, application his abundant bound and authoritative the a lot of of his physique. Not that Messi can’t do that too, but we apperceive that he tends to play abundant added and get on the wonderful game for Buy Fifa Coins brawl added during the alteration from defence to attack, which he does bigger than anybody else. Cristiano is added attacking, added of a striker.”

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Chicharito’s appearance on Ronaldo comes from a division arena calm up foreground for Madrid, so the Mexico striker is well-placed to call the Portuguese superstar and, aloft all, advice define what a lot of afflicted him during their aggregate spell with Los Blancos.

“That would be his hunger, his determination,” said Hernandez. “A lot of humans say that Messi is all aptitude and Cristiano is all harder work, but the ache Cristiano has [to succeed] should aswell be advised as talent.

“The hunger he has is about unmatched. He knows absolutely what he wants to achieve, his backbone is huge and his akin of appetite too. I anticipate that he looks in the mirror and says to himself that ‘today I ambition to be bigger than you’,” connected the ex-Manchester United front-man. “That, in my view, is a talent. It’s a allowance that isn’t to do with brawl abilities but is in the mind, which is appropriately important.”

In which case, who will win the coveted award? We will not apperceive until 9 January, but Chicharito did not ambition to assurance off Fifa 17 Coins Account afterwards giving a acknowledgment to addition amateur he acquainted deserves a abode amidst the world’s actual best. “Gareth Bale, who’s a abundant amateur and had a amazing year with Wales and Absolute Madrid. That said, I anticipate he’s still abaft Messi and Cristiano, who are out of this world!”