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This year’s golden soccer ball the dust settles, cristiano ronaldo won this award for your fourth time, is that the Speaking spanish team won a older globe for 8 consecutive years. More impressive is that every six from the Buy Fifa 17 CoinsThe spanish language before this year’s gold globes: real Madrid’s cristiano ronaldo and bell, Barcelona MSN combination, coupled with atletico This town Glenn boltzmann. Several years of powerful and la liga in Europe (the last three years won the champions league and Europa little league), la liga at this golden globes poll also occupies the absolute advantage.

West yet this is just not a top six, in 2012 they ever get it done once, then Lionel messi, cristiano ronaldo, andres iniesta and xavi, falcao and iker casillas was the 1st six. Comparing the former 6-8, now of the six men can be more la liga’s dominance. Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo offers scored the golden globe for that past nine years (8) with Spain, suarez is a lots of eyes of the the planet’s center, and is more bad, bell, Glenn boltzmann and omar has formed a brand new generation of “golden candidate group” trend.

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This year is the greatest ranked of the Speaking spanish players Mach les, but the miracle of leicester city might not always happen. The golden globe awards in the past, the highest ranked inside the Spanish players from bayern Munich, the bundesliga giants can be considered the champions in the la liga side on the strongest challenger. In the last seven annual golden globe accolades, the Spanish swept an overall total of 40 31 out from the top five seats, the proportion of 77. 5% is striking.

In the history from the Cheap Fifa Coins older ball, the most close in order to la liga is between 1982-1990 serie a, the “little World Cup” seven years 8 seize your golden globes, and for three consecutive years won the top three, “the three musketeers” from the Netherlands and Germany “troika” this sort of super impressive foreign assist combination. But when the variety of serie a’s top three only triple, in recent eight years of la liga has reached horrific six instances (not the Spanish golden ball in the first three only 2013 franck ribery and neuer) in 2014.