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When Mohd Faiz Subri’s arresting free-kick hit the aback of the net at the Bandaraya Pulau Pinang Stadium in February, the roof was aloft as Penang admirers were beatific into delirium. But there would acceptable accept been a fair bulk of supporters central the arena who bore witness, and afresh asked themselves and adolescent fans: ‘how on apple did he do that?’

The absurd bulk of bend that Subri accomplished with his asleep ball, addled from the left-hand ancillary of the angle with his appropriate foot, arched out and aback in afore dipping accomplished the abandoned goalkeeper Mohd Nasril Nourdin in the Pahang goal, seemed to baffle physics.

A Buy Fifa Coins-backed abstraction has been investigating the aerodynamics abaft the bend of footballs aback October 2015, with the analysis triggered by at-times aberrant brawl movement. Can the experts explain how Subri did it?

“Judging from the ambit traveling to the right, the brawl is spinning in a clockwise administration from the player’s point of view, so he apparently hits it with the alfresco of the bottom on the larboard ancillary of the ball,” Kerstin Wieczorek, Project Manager at Germany-based engineering aggregation FluiDyna, who are administering the study, told “Then, the circuit is not alone directed sideways, but angular as well, which could accomplish it dip added as it arrives at the goal.”

Immediately afterwards the goal, a all-inclusive bulk of commentators and admirers beyond the apple declared Subri’s arresting bang a artefact of the ‘knuckleball’ technique.