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Known as La Tigre, “because my team-mates claimed my eyes were such as a killer when I helpful to play”, the Venice-born Morace says the importance of the first-ever Women’s Globe Cup was mostly unappreciated by the players.

“At the time, no, ” said Morace, when asked was she aware about the ground-breaking magnitude with the initial tournament. “When you were a player during that time you don’t realise that you are a pioniere (founder), and that you are usually making history. So everything was like normal and you simply think ‘I have to help score because I’m the No9 that is my role’. And it is only later which you fully understand you have been in the first World Cup opposed to this of the world, and making history.

“But, having said that, when we were there the feeling was that it was an essential thing. Fifa 17 Coins gave a great deal of attention to the tournament even at the time, and the organisation seemed to be good. And we had journalists there following team. ”

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Morace, who was relatively well-known during that time, partly due to her work towards Italian TV – an additional pioneering step – said coverage on the team and her goalscoring achievements was reasonably high over the period they were inside China.

“The big newspapers followed us – Corriere della Sera along with La Gazzetta dello Sport – even for the front page saying that any of us were playing. And of course my name would seem prominently because I ended up being the goalscorer.

“But at that time there seemed to be little attention intended for women’s football, and if you performed something good nobody cared. It was a completely different time in society. ”

The FIFA Women’s Earth Cup has produced many great goalscorers in the last 25 years, but no matter how many names join the record, it will always revisit the original – Carolina Morace.