Like The Hosting Matches At The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

Wheelchair user Andrei Sachkov, 28, has accurate Spartak Moscow aback he was a adolescent and tries to get to as abounding of their home amateur as possible, admitting the actuality he lives 180 kilometres abroad in Ryazan.

He acutely cannot get to every game, but Andrei does administer to accomplish the cruise about ten times a season, accumulation a appointment to the Fifa Coins For Sale Russian basic with his own antic endeavours: Sachkov is a austere Paralympic athlete, acceptable medals at all-embracing tournaments.

“I go to the football by car with addition guy who uses a wheelchair and two accompany accompanying us,” Andrei explained to “We try to access in Moscow a bit beforehand to accept a attending about and yield some photos, afresh we’re off to the stadium!”

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Andrei was captivated if Spartak afresh opened an amazing new stadium, which will anon be hosting matches at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017.

“The accessories are ideal!” Sachkov exclaimed. “There’s consistently anyone with us at every moment. Volunteers accept been appointed to accompany us to the stadium. We go up on the elevator to the third tier, area there are spots with abundant amplitude to put your wheelchair. There are seats adjacent for the humans accompanying us. The toilets and aggregate abroad accept been able for disabled people. It’s all just perfect!”