king Of Skill: Fantastic Brand new OSRS Skilling Competition

Nobody does an event like the people at Jagex and this 1 here kind of came out associated with nowhere. But during the 30 days of November, they are managing a King Of Skill competition that is there to display who is the King Associated with Skill. So if you are all regarding skilling, this is the contest for you personally.

OSRS King Of Ability

So if you think you are the very best at woodcutting, mining, angling or whatever, you can now show it. What is interesting concerning this contest is that once you are logged in, you are only permitted to participate for a total associated with 24 hours. There will be six brand new worlds for you to put your own skilling abilities to the examination in and this 24-hour time limit clause is going to force you to must be really efficient with what your are performing. It is worth noting that there are a little timer that lets you recognize how much time you have. This is convenient, but it is also going to make items much more stressful as the levels of competition comes to an end.

RSPS11.1There is going to be a couple of kinds of winners in this tournament. First of all is the total stage winners for the players who may have earned the highest level total. There are ten prizes shared with the top one like a rather epic and minimal edition old school gaming COMPUTER and some signed and body Runescape artwork.

As well as a general winner there is going to be gifts for each individual skill also. The top prize for each talent is an OSRS merch carrier that is going to be filled with an array of great stuff.

We think it is a very fun contest and stay sure to check out the official Runescape site to get all the details. We realize a few people in the who are getting in on this specific! As always thanks for reading and stay sure to grab yourself some low-cost Old School Runescape Gold while it will be on offer.