Jagex Stopping Making Expansions With Runescape!

No matter how many new MMORPG’s come and go, we all always find that Runescape Rare metal is always one of the most popular items we offer. One of the reasons we and lots of of you love Runescape is the fact Jagex is just so wonderful and really community based. That may be evident by their fresh update they posted on The professional  Runescape Site where they will talk a little about what have been going on. Here are a few of the items we found interesting out of this.

Future Development Of Expansions Will be Suspended

Menaphos was a lots of fun, but we all know it absolutely was not perfect and it performed have some problems. The folks from Jagex have admitted that will getting Menaphos done used a huge amount of their time, vitality and general resources. A great deal that it prevented them coming from keeping up with regular updates for the game. Suspending expansions looks kind of crazy and we are usually kind of bummed out because of it. But we like their particular honesty and we do think that it will make the overall online game better if that is the actual whole Jagex team will be focusing on.


Ninja Fixes!

We all love ninjas and to boost the comfort we have not heard from an individual Runescape player who does definitely not. But Jagex has some good fixes coming such as easy prayer resets, an element bag and a few other things likewise which is going to make Ninjas with Runescape even more awesome. The main news of all though is are doubling the amount of persons on the Ninja team consequently ninjas are going to be an even much larger and better part of Runescape.

Make sure you have a look at The Official Runescape Site where you can see the many plans that Jagex features for Runescape going forward. In addition if you need some cheap 07 Rs Gold , check out our deals that are happening right now.