Jagex invests millions to curb RuneScape DDoS attacks

‘This is the growing plague inside industry many online services have trouible with, and Runescape Gold┬ádefinitely seems to be one of the primary targets,’ says CEO Mark Gerhard

Jagex makes a multi-million pound investment in the flagship MMO RuneScape that allows you to halt DDoS attacks disrupting its servers.

The title has endured such distributed denial and services information attacks for more than 1 year, though the company said it has experienced a clear , crisp increase from such actions. This has casued players to disconnect from servers and prolonged lag.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said this is likely as a result of removing private servers and its particular efforts to curb booting and gold farming.

As a result, the studio creates a multi-million pound investment into its global IT infrastructure mainly because it attempts to cope with continued attacks.