Jagex doesn’t think they are going to ever get around to making a new quest

It would be nice when there were more to some with the libraries.

But there are complications:

- what do you put into it?

- do you want to spend builder time writing books which might be spent elsewhere?

RUNESCAPE 07Runescape almanac

Most in real life the library end up being large collections connected with hundreds of books on the same subject areas (WW1, WW2, Cold World war, Biographies of famous people, etc), followed up with the large bunch of fiction, children’s education, older education, then self guide, and general reference, as well as a number of other areas. Even you would get dozen of editors writing on the same sub category.

Some in game the library are partially fleshed available (Even if title only)

- varrock library

instructions citharade abbey library

instructions player’s bookshelves

- Sorcerer Tower library

That said, what exactly would really make up nearly all libraries in game?

Numerous religious propaganda books (Hymnals, chants, stories etc in connection with your factional deity)

Regular Journals from you and your family history (common occurrence in RS it seems)

Tales connected with heroes and villains (sort of like children’s experiences or general fiction novels)

Some equivalent to an Runescape almanac

Reference books to be able to do your job (Smithing Tactics, Farming Techniques, Crafting, etc) most of which wouldn’t possibly be useful because we have found that how to smith/craft/farm most things as well as we learn quickly.

Currently if there is existing content in existence that Jagex doesn’t assume they’ll ever get around time to make a quest or one thing to explain, then by all means, build a short book or report that tells us and put the item in a library.


instructions Adventuring Guild Libraries — Journals from current/former guild members (could even perform player entries and Jagex could cut and insert them into their book format)

- Scientific Journals — The explanation of the Giant Chinchompa and Soporith Moth,

– Specific Character history — Camorra, The Ancient players

They don’t hate libraries, all it takes is a long long long time to produce lots of in game tales and they need a reason to produce each one.

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