Final Fantasy XIV developers prepare first update

Approximately one and a half months as soon as the relieve the MMORPG Cheap FFXIV Gil: A Realm Reborn Square Enix is working on the 1st, major update.

To begin with, the developers go one on how hard it is currently to obtain Tomestones in the endgame with the game. Therefore, you may open more instances of the territories and Amdapor Keep Wanderer’s Palace shortly, so that you can better here looking for the relics. In addition, the volume of stones increases per dungeon. You’ll also have adjustments inside Gil-prey. Although it was within the 15th October released a patch, nonetheless it was discovered that there are still a challenge that happens when players inside fifth round of “Coil Binding of Bahamut”. You currently working brusquely to correct this.

The first major update from the upcoming MMO is put into three categories. To present players more to perform inside the phantasy world of Eorzea, one introduces a brand new daily quests. There exists treasure hunts for solo players. Additionally, it’s going to become simpler to come across Tomestone relics. With all the Crystal Tower, a fresh, challenging dungeon is travelling to you, and you can enjoy the return in the Good King Mog Moggle. New battles, the Wolf’s Den as another PvP endgame content and Housing round off the comprehensive update. Obviously you will see bug fixes and adjustments to the balancing.

Because of user feedback we will make adjustments on the UI and implement a function to sort items. There’s also other latest features including an even cap for Finder Items in the work and also the MVP system. Inside newly introduced saloon can miss your hero new hairstyles and face colors. As well as the storyline in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn be extended and then we can already look forward to the return associated with an personage from version 1.0 of the MMORPG. Shortly to be followed to the great update details.