FIFA 18′s Most awful Rated Player Isn’t Obviously any good Real Footballer

With  FIFA 18 having been released thirty days ago, everyone’s had plenty of to suss out who all the best teams to play like, who to avoid like the cause problems for and which unpolished jewels are the beauties of job mode.

But what of those participants who no one ever would like to play as? Those participants stuck at the bottom of the scores pile, forgotten about just like the cold fries that have leaking into your McDonald’s bag.


Five players are tied regarding last place on a score of 46 on the newest edition of EA Sports’ footballing behemoth. Included in this base 10 are Grimsby Town’s Max Wright, Scunthorpe centre-back Lesley Sackey and a German born midfielder by the name of Tomm Käßemodel.

Käßemodel operates as a core midfielder for German next division outfit FC Erzgebirge Aue. At least that’s just what EA Sports would have people believe, anyway.

In reality, it is well known that while Käßemodel is around the books at Erzgebirge as being a member of the first team team, he isn’t actually an experienced footballer. Or even a semi-professional footballer.

In fact , this low scoring maverick is in fact the club’s system man.

What Erzgebirge have inked is met the requirements that are forced on German clubs to possess at least four members of these first team squad end up being graduates of the club’s junior academy.

Now, while I said that to you Käßemodel is the club’s system man, he was also each member of Erzgebirge’s youth school, meaning he qualifies as a possible eligible graduate who can end up being included in the club’s first crew squad and therefore also be qualified to apply for his own virtual likeness in FIFA 18.

With rate of just 23 and also shooting and passing scored at just 42 and forty-eight respectively, Tommy isn’t gonna see much action around the game, although with preventive stats of 36, might still likely do a job in the centre of Liverpool’s defence.

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