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That has been debated anytime aback Ronaldinho, over 35 yards out and avant-garde on the right, beatific a free-kick spinning over a floundering, extemporaneous David Seaman in 2002. The wrong-footed England goalkeeper could alone watch as the brawl coiled into the top-left corner, demography Brazil through to the semi-finals at the Three Lions’ expense.

But while it charcoal one of the Fifa Coins For Sale Apple Cup?A lot of memorable goals, assessment has consistently been breach on whether it was one of the best – or a lot of fortuitous. The amateur himself was determined at the time. “It was in fact a shot,” he insisted. “It was Cafu who brash me avant-garde that there was a amplitude and that Seaman was continuing in a actual avant-garde position in the apology area. It seemed alone accustomed to acquire a go, and there was annihilation advantageous about it.”

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The England players, conceivably unsurprisingly, were added sceptical. Sol Campbell declared it as “fluky”, while Teddy Sheringham insisted it was “mis-hit”. “It’s just a abashment that a ambition like that has beatific us out of the tournament,” Sheringham added. “It was freakish.”

David Beckham, a man with added than a few free-kick goals to his name, acquainted the same. “It was not his fault,” said the Manchester United star. “The ambition was a fluke. It was a cantankerous that concluded up accepting a goal.”

“I will never acquire that it was intentional,” echoed Danny Mills, England’s right-back. “Rio [Ferdinand] asked Ronaldinho afterwards the bold if he meant to shoot and he just gave a absolve and grinned. His backwardness suggests to me that it was a bearded cross.”

In fact, that beam – as Ronaldinho afterwards explained – reflected not that the ambition was an advised cross, but rather a less-than-accurate shot. “When I hit the brawl I capital to shoot for ambition – but maybe not in fact breadth the brawl concluded up,” he said. “If I’m accepting in fact honest, I was aiming for the added ancillary of the net.

So, was the ambition a accident or not? The final chat goes to the scorer himself: “No, no, you can’t say that, because I was acquainted of the keeper’s position and went for the advance at goal. The actuality that it did not go in in fact as I planned is accessory to the actuality that I was accepting a go.

“What basically happened is that I hit my advance too harder and, as it travelled through the air, it swerved added and concluded up looping over Seaman. There was annihilation he could do about it and I accept there was an aspect of luck involved.”
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