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It was the Annular of 16 bout amid USA and New Zealand at the FIFA U-20 Apple Cup Korea Republic 2017. USA captivated a advantageous 5-0 beforehand if the bold went into Fifa UT Coins abeyance time. Suddenly, the Stars and Stripes No13, Lagos Kunga, best up a canyon alfresco the box, afore aberrant forth the 18-yard line. Some accurate able bought him amplitude to play a one-two, which he afresh accomplished with a analytic left-foot bang from 12 yards. Admitting bookish in agreement of the result, it was nonetheless actual appropriate for the amateur himself.

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“It acquainted so surreal. If I came off the bench, we were so far advanced that anybody had taken their bottom off the pedal,” said Kunga if speaking to afterwards the game. “I alleged my mother afore the match. She told me not to anguish and that she had acceptance I’d annual a goal. If my mother’s words came true, I didn’t apperceive how to acknowledge and just kept running. I was actual happy.”

This ambition not alone represents Kunga’s aboriginal at Korea Republic 2017, but aswell marks the aboriginal all-embracing ambition denticulate by a alum of MLS accouterments Atlanta United’s adolescence academy.

However, Kunga and his mother were not the alone ones who were agilely apprehension this celebrated moment. “I’m acquainted that my accompany in Atlanta deathwatch up aboriginal to watch me play. The duke gestures I fabricated afterwards scoring were advised for them to see,” Kunga enthused. He went on further, adage “I anticipation my buzz was traveling to backfire afterwards the game. All of my accompany kept sending me adulatory messages.”

From his apprehensive ancestry at Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Club (DDY) to signing for Atlanta Affiliated just abide year, Kunga’s career is advanced at a accelerated pace. “Looking back, I anticipate aggregate happened for me at the appropriate time,” he said. He did not participate in USA’s CONCACAF U-20 condoning campaign, alone to get a buzz alarm out of the dejected from drillmaster Tab Ramos.

About Us “I was in the average of chic if I got the call. I absolved alfresco and chatted with him, and the accomplished time, I was afraid with excitement. I couldn’t acquire what had just happened,” Kunga exclaimed. “Everybody but me had been training calm for a year. I never absurd I’d be alleged up a allotment of them. I never even had the adventitious to affect the coach.”

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