FIFA 15 Release Date

EA SPORTS has announced several country-specific release date for cheap FIFA 14 Coins, like it will hit UK shelves on September 26. And also the Box cover has revealed. Lionel Messi is the global cover star while Clint Dempsey is the North America cover star.

That’s a slightly longer wait than the release date for other continents. First to receive the game will be recent soccer advocates the US on 23 September, with Europe receiving the title on 25 September.

The football icon has had the most appearances on the football franchise’s cover and this is his fourth consecutive appearance on the box art. Messi previously graced the cover of FIFA Street, FIFA 13 and cheap FIFA Coins. However, judging by Argentina’s loss at the World Cup and the controversial decision to name Messi best player of the tournament-it would have arguably been more relevant to include a different player. Perhaps Colombia’s James Rodriguez or Mario Gotze? Alas, it is probably Messi’s worldwide recognition that plus him above those two rising stars of the game.