FIFA 14 PC Teammates Will Be More Clever

Within the world’s two football games, “FIFA 14 Coins” series and much more obvious advantages, but also greater than the “PES” welcomed from the players, earlier this week, EA and also on the state blog brought us “FIFA 14″ the most recent intelligence – “Team Intelligence”. This new feature enables players in order to make judgments within the surrounding circumstances, therefore with similar players, therefore the team nearer to reality in a natural method to execute an offensive or defensive, give players a far more realistic gaming experience.

That way, we’ll be in the game have an overabundance solutions to score, as an example, we are able to make smart progresses through space to pull out, and also the gamers will believe their moves should have a Van Persie demeanor. Additionally, in the event the defensive defenseman to fill the seats from the players will make you kind of feel more real. EA believes these additional features can make the action more interesting.

Not just offensive but additionally improves the function of the same players from the defense could be more clever: Tracking moves, applying pressure to discover stations along with functions have been improved. Defender can even analyze the problem from the field revive a location they consider most threatening to guard. It is worth mentioning also EA has become accommodating make a new feature: Cheap FIFA 14 Coins. Now players will seize the chance and by applying pressure about the offensive player to regain a favorable position. The project is predicted for being September 24 landed whole platform.