THRASH (Level 81): Deals 47 damage, and results in all targets to bleed for 15 every 2 sec for 6 sec. Affects all targets within 10 yards. Easily obtainable in Bear form only.This ability gives druid tanks a method to cause a bit more AoE damage and thereby hold threat on AoE groups easier than previously. Bear tanks is likely to rejoice, as Swipe only hit a couple of targets, whereas this can hit everything nearby. It is the new bear comparable to a paladin’s consecration.

STAMPEDING ROAR (Level 83): The druid roars, increasing all nearby friendly players movement speed within 10 yards by 40% for 6 sec. Usable in cat or bear form.

This is a very cool, quick group buff i can easily see being used on movement based fights. If a boss does a major AoE ability which everybody needs to clean out from, a druid could pop this and save those inevitable slow pokes.WILD MUSHROOM (Level 85): Grow an enchanting Mushroom with 5 Health in the target location. After 4 sec, the Mushroom can become invisible. When detonated through the Druid or by damage by enemies, the Mushroom will explode dealing 270 to 304 injury to all nearby enemies within 10 yards. Only 5 Mushrooms can be put formerly. No cooldown. 40 yd range. Instant cast. Use Wild Mushroom – Detonate to detonate all Mushrooms.

This sounds like an incredibly complicated ability in the beginning, mainly as a result of wall of text currently employed to describe it.However,the simple truth is it is extremely simple.These magic mushrooms are not something causes delusions, aside from maybe on your enemies. You can buy buy wow gold on our site.Instead remember them as land mines. These give a trap-like element to druids and can be especially useful in PvP matches.